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XR Global delivers successful training programs, business intelligence and operational insights that results in success metrics in ROI, Safety, Environmental Impact and Human Factors. We specialize in virtual reality solutions focused on the key growth sectors of energy, oil and gas, defense, supply chain/ logistics and maritime operations.

XRG’s proprietary platform and custom scenarios provide valuable industry-specific and internal company data that surfaces useful insights to make enterprise wide improvements in operations and product development and more.

Virtual Reality

Deliver high quality vertical training that provides the inherent advantages of VR training like safety, cost reduction, career enhancement and lessened environmental impact.


Strategic operational best practices derived from immersive VR experiences that leverage data gathering and analysis drawn from multiple sessions.

Scalable Platform
for the Enterprise

Platform dashboard that delivers insights and business intelligence; distribution across multiple devices tailored to enterprise.


VR Training Industry Innovation for Logistics, Energy and Maritime Sectors


In this white paper, we explore how VR experiences in training, collaboration and digital twin simulations support initiatives in three industrial sectors: Oil & Gas, Logistics & Supply Chains and Maritime.

Case Study

Marathon Oil Company

Marathon Oil Company engaged XR Global Services to develop VR training programs for drivers to safely and quickly load the tankers


XR Global scoped the project to deliver a range of experiences focused on immersive and linear training, scenario planning and rehearsal, and real time collaboration and communication.

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